Free-Viewpoint Video

We realize the 3D free-viewpoint media by photographing an event to be carried out in large-scale space like soccer and a concert in many video cameras. Application to sports science is expected.

Shared Mixed Reality

Shared Mixed-Reality is novel technology which merge virtual world generated by computer and real world where we live. We research on the problem which arises when more than one person are going to share the Mixed Reality space.

visual assistance for drivers by Intelligent Transport System(ITS)

We are performing technical development of the system which supports a driver’s visual understanding of the situation.

Outdoor Mixed Reality

We get to grips with Mixed Reality in outdoor environment. it can be made such as vision assistance outdoor pedestrian by displaying images that mixed real world and visible information which human can’t get real world.

Massive Sensing

We are studying the system automatically recognizes the state of the target space which is located in the residential environment, based on the information obtained from the sensor a large amount of non-uniform and non-calibration.

Visual Support by using Environmental and Mobile cameras (VSEM)

We research system of self-location estimate, video surveillance and  person monitoring with high accuracy by using the complementary environmental camera and mobile camera.